What If ……… I am not a clever person by any stretch of the imagination but I am a man who observes a lot more than most in different areas but find a common link to the various happenings. After some thought, a small amount of alcohol, a little bit of supposition and conjecture I like to ‘join up the dots’ and put my own slant to the clues I observe, a little bit of elaboration on the information and call it ‘What if………’ So, what if I was the clever person whose predictions were spot on, correct at every level? I think that I would be the Oracle sat in a cave with billions in the bank. The only problem with that is that my name isn’t TRUMP or Putin and the infinite number of zero’s in my bank account are missing the number 1 before them. Ah well, if only that were the case. Just in case you are wondering I am not the Oracle. Prince William said it the other day. In one of his many speeches he just happened to say that there were too many people in the world. Why he said this when he was supposed to be talking about wildlife even had me flummoxed but this got me thinking that, for him to say that, then he must have been in somebody’s company to hear something like that said, maybe not to him directly, but within earshot. But who could that be? It would have been someone with plenty of money for a start, and someone who would benefit from either a reduction in the population or a reduction in the amount of money being paid out in benefits; someone high in the British government, perhaps? What if there is a ‘Think-Tank’ quango within the Houses of Parliament whose job it is to study the effects on the population certain scenarios would have. A simple job of loading an aeroplane with (say) Anthrax and carelessly spraying this in the upper atmosphere instead of the Chem Trails they normally spray. Or, what if the government got Mr Putin angry enough to do just that. After all is said and done he can be quite ruthless and just look what happens with the ones that disagree with him.

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